Hi, Iʼm Nick Kuek

Iʼm aSoftware Engineer.
Picture of me sitting on a wall with a sunset behind me.
Me overlooking a sunset

About Me

An EMT turned Software Engineer

With the pandemic ravaging the country and burnout on my mind, I decided to make the tough decision to put my career in medicine on hold and dive head first into the world of programming. After attending App Academy, I can safely say this was the best decision I've made.

By channeling the work ethic and interpersonal skills I gained as an EMT, I developed a passion for making the web a little more beautiful, which you will see in the projects I've listed below. Outside of software engineering and medicine, I enjoy hiking, guitar, and building custom mechanical keyboards.


Elevate your typing experience with this meticulously designed, fully-themed type tester. Calculate and visualize your words per minute in style.


Discover the elegance of sorting algorithms through an interactive visualizer built with React. Customize themes, sizes, and speeds for deeper understanding and coding insights.


A fully functional clone of the popular messaging app WhatsApp that employs a React/Redux frontend and an Express/Sequelize backend, enabling a real-time messaging experience on a single-page application.


A Discord-like clone, powered by React/Redux on the frontend and Flask-SQLAlchemy on the backend. It enables live server chat via web sockets, offers auto-complete search, and allows users to explore public groups by category.

Honing my craft in...